Monster QuickLock Banana Plug - Pack of 4


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Monster Quicklock Banana Plug Speaker Connectors

The Monster QuickLock connectors are the fastest and easiest way for you to install the right connector to your speaker cable for maximum performance and reliability.

Through Monster's advanced cable technologies, these Banana QuickLock Connectors feature precision machined 24K gold contacts that resist corrosion and maximize conductivity and avoid signal interference. Constructed with a screw-on design for easy and reliable crimples and self crimping termination, our Banana Connectors have special gripping teeth and ring-locks so you can hold the speaker cable in place and keep them secure, and a wider base that minimizes shorting for maximum signal transfer.

With the Monster QuickLock Connectors, you can get the best connection from speaker cable to receiver and get the most out of your home audio system.

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